Preparing for NetSuite Implementation

Preparing for NetSuite Implementation

There are several steps to take before implementing NetSuite in your business. We recommend the following to help prepare for a better implementation experience:

Focus on your wants and needs and stick to them

NetSuite offers a dizzying amount of customization options and features. We recommend deciding what your current needs and wants are to help narrow down which products work best for you. If you are not sure, at least outline a few needs and wants, along with details about company processes. We’ll also want to talk with you about your vision for the future to ensure NetSuite grows with your company over time.

Find a NetSuite Implementation Partner that knows your industry

NetSuite has various modules that work better in some industries than others. It’s important to work with an implementation partner that has seen which combination of products work the best for companies in your industry and can set them up efficiently. Many implementation partners will include what industries they work with on their website. For example, Squire offers that information at

Get people on board with the implementation early on

Any time you want to switch from one accounting system to another, keep an eye out for the people who are most interested in the change. Bring those people into the implementation planning meetings and get their feedback. If they feel they are a part of it and get excited, they are more likely to help you convince other team members to try the new system.

Review your current data and clean it up

You’ll want to have your current data cleaned up before moving to any new accounting system. You do not want your old, misclassified, or problematic data being transferred into NetSuite and creating the same problems you had before the implementation. Keep in mind that any workarounds available in your current accounting system may not be available in NetSuite following conversion. Many implementation partners, including Squire, can help prepare files for implementation.

Plan on early stage struggles

It takes time to get used to a new system. Even accounting veterans will take a while to get used to how your new NetSuite system works. Make sure you have a training plan ready or that you discuss training options with your implementation partner. At the very least, you will want to know who people can go to when they have questions about the system.

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