NetSuite Saved Searches

NetSuite Saved Searches

NetSuite is perfect for tracking enormous amounts of information and for the wonderful saved searches feature that allows you to pull the information you need more efficiently. Saved searches allow you to set the parameters of what information you need, and then pulls information that matches those parameters. The information can then be organized in the way you find most useful.

Some of the parameters you can set include:

  • -Record Type: this is required. It sets what kind of records you want to search
  • -Criteria: applies filters to the fields you want pulled from the file
  • -Results: specifies the columns and the order of the columns you want to see based on the criteria
  • -Highlighting: applies conditions that will tell the search to highlight certain types of information (such as if a number is greater/less than a benchmark). It can also include text color changes and flag icons.
  • -Available Filters: provides an additional filter below criteria level
  • -Audience: specifies who can view the search. This can be done by name, role, group, or department
  • -Roles: provides additional functionality for specific roles. For example, you can have the saved search appear in a user’s dashboard based upon their role.
  • -Email: allows you to set email alerts and send results via email. You can also set specific times and dates for when the emails will go out.
  • Saved searches are such a useful tool because they use information in ways not typically seen in reports. A couple of additional features include:

  • -Adding calculations to results through a formula field, and then referencing the results in other transactions outside of the saved search.
  • -Embedding links in results to easily move them to the source record or other related records


If you would like assistance with creating and using saved searches, contact us by calling 801-225-6900.


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