NetSuite Convenience Features

NetSuite Convenience Features


NetSuite makes it incredibly easy to track all financial documents and stay on top of daily tasks with the help of many convenient features.  Related document linking, the global search feature, and reminder notifications are just a small part of why NetSuite continues to set itself apart from other ERP Systems. 

Related Records

Purchasing as well as order management processes can involve a lot of documentation. In order to keep these transactions clean and all-accounted for, NetSuite can link the related records to one another. For example, John creates a PO for his inventory. He receives a bill from the vendor, which he enters into NetSuite from the PO he already created. He then receives only half of what he ordered. John creates an Item Receipt, again from the PO, for what he has received. A week later he receives the other half of the order. He then enters another Item Receipt, again from the PO. Now all the documents from this one are reconciled and linked together.  The same can be said of Sales Orders, Invoices, Customer Deposits, Deposit Applications, and Item Fulfillments.

Global Search

Another incredibly effective tool within NetSuite is the Global Search feature located at the top of the screen. With the Global Search tool, finding inventory items, customers, specific transactions, employees, vendors, or even archived searches is simple. All one needs to do is type in the first few letters of a name or the first few numbers of a transaction, and the record in question is found.  This makes navigating the system a seamless and quick process.


One of the most helpful and frequently used features in NetSuite is the Reminders Portlet that activates on the dashboard upon logging in. The Reminders Portlet can be customized for each user so the Supply Chain Manager is notified of POs waiting to be received, and the Sales Agent can see quotes in the pending status. Reminders help employees perform their responsibilities smoothly and on time which in turn, helps the company as a whole do the same.

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