NetSuite helps the needs of the production floor meet the needs of the office.

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Enable your production operations to meet your production, distribution, and accounting needs.

Oftentimes, manufacturing software is clunky, outdated, and void of flexibility. NetSuite hits those issues head on with a modern design, user-friendly navigation and data management, and the ability to configure forms and workflows to meet your unique needs for automated processing, reporting, or measurement.

Product Features

  • Automation

    Time is valuable on the production floor. We want to limit the number of clicks or time necessary to process transactions. NetSuite allows for automation, which may include push-button screens driving an assembly build or external systems invoking a transactional process within NetSuite, or simply unifying the different parties involved through clean workflows.

  • Light Manufacturing

    If you have a light manufacturing environment or contract manufacturing arrangement, keep your processes lean while still achieving desired absorption costing. You can use work orders and assembly builds with options to backflush your raw materials and/or add per unit costs to your bill of materials. These builds can be automated or person-driven depending on your needs.

  • Manufacturing

    Features like Advanced Bill of Materials that allow you to have a many-to-many relationship between finished good assemblies and the Bill of Materials, Unbuild transactions, and automated routines makes NetSuite a star amongst users. NetSuite allows you to use Work Orders to manage your production process via backflushing or through a WIP issuance process. You define the bill of materials and bill of operations (routing), which will allow you to post materials and time and absorb overhead into the Work Order.

  • Replenishment

    As part of your production process, you want to make sure you have raw materials in stock when you need it and in the quantity necessary to meet your production demand. NetSuite will allow you to setup replenishment rules for your assembly items to drive Work Order recommendations as well as your raw materials to suggest either a transfer order or purchase order for replenishment.

  • Warehousing

    Make use of bin management and handheld devices to manage your inventory within your warehouse. Receive, put-away, transfer, and pick your inventory more efficiently. Utilize the UPS, FedEx, or USPS integrations to manage shipping via the NetSuite interface. SuiteApps enhance shipping by adding rate shopping, LTL integrations, and other carriers.

  • Accounting

    Features like Group Average costing help even costing across warehouses within a single subsidiary. Configure fields and segmentation tracking on each transaction form to facilitate reporting, ease the process workflows, and prevent errors throughout each business process. Slice and dice financials by department, product class, market, or period with ease.

NetSuite Benefits for Wholesale Distribution

  • Transform

    Shatter your limitations with the game-changing solution built specifically for distributors.

  • Engage

    Meet your customers everywhere through the power of omnichannel commerce.

  • Modernize

    Leapfrog your competitors with technologies built for 21st century businesses.

  • One System

    Manage all of your business processes, from marketing, selling and ordering to shipping, billing, cash management, general ledger, support, upselling and reordering.

Solutions to Fit Your Unique Distribution Needs

  • Building Material & Construction
  • Hardware, Plumbing, and Heating Equipment Supplies
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Apparel & Piece Goods
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Office Products & Paper
  • Pharma/BioTech/Healthcare
  • Food & Beverage

We focus first on the process.

At Squire and Company, we are accountants first and foremost. We seek the larger picture of your business and look to understand the accounting impact of transactions on your business. Once we understand your business we will then structure a full customized NetSuite solution that will help you meet your unique and specific business needs.

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