How to Choose the Right Netsuite Partner

How to Choose the Right Netsuite Partner

As a business grows and expands to new geographies and subsidiaries, it needs to invest in a reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This software must be able to accommodate the ever-changing business models of an organization. Businesses that are already running NetSuite and those that are considering incorporating it in their operations need assistance from NetSuite partners.

The role of these partners is to help with NetSuite implementation, license quoting and consultation, customization, implementation of new NetSuite modules, and the integration of NetSuite with other on-premise and cloud applications. Therefore, choosing the right partner determines how successful the ERP software will be. The following tips come in handy.

Examine the Methodologies Used

Every potential NetSuite partner has a specific strategy that they use to implement the ERP software. Before settling on a partner, business owners ought to ask those under consideration about their implementation strategies. This will help them know whether or not the methodologies fit their business models.

It is advisable to choose partners whose methodologies are comprehensive. The methodologies should also have stages for analyzing the needs of a business, designing a work plan, developing new features, introducing the software, and training employees. Partners whose methodologies fall short of this shouldn’t be considered since they can compromise the implementation process.

Consider Partners’ Experience

Experience comes in handy as far as launching ERP software is concerned. An experienced partner is better placed to help a business achieve its goals. Business owners should not only look out for partners who are experienced in handling the kind of software they want to incorporate, but also in partnering with companies within the same industry. Partners who have industry-specific NetSuite experience understand the needs of that field and therefore, can anticipate, plan ahead for problems.

Look for a Cultural Fit

When choosing a NetSuite implementation partner, businesses managers ought to establish whether those under consideration suit their business culture. In as much as companies typically have different business cultures and objectives, it is advisable to select a partner who can work with a company’s employees in a manner that encourages a flawless, productive, and harmonizing relationship. This will go a long way in ensuring the success of the implementation process.

Discuss Goals and Expectations

This should be part of introductory discussions between business managers and potential NetSuite partners. Vendors who do not inquire about the goals and expectations of an organization’s NetSuite initiative shouldn’t be considered. An honest discussion pertaining to what both parties hope to achieve helps set goals. Before the partnership is formalized, both parties should agree on how they will define success especially when it comes to the scope of the entire initiative.

Ask the Right Questions

Business owners ought to keep in mind the fact that ultimately, the most suitable NetSuite partners are those who can handle the ERP implementation process professionally. Therefore, interviewing potential partners involves asking them what they can do, and how they will realize the company’s objectives. Those who will interview the partners must prepare thoughtful questions that can help the company determine whether a potential NetSuite partner fits the bill.

Attention should also be paid to the kind of questions that the prospective partners will ask about the company and its NetSuite needs. Certainly, the kind of questions asked by would-be partners indicates their perspective, goal motivation, and expertise. These are crucial indicators of how the working relationship will be in future.

Are the Partners Certified?

There isn’t an acceptable substitute for this requirement. NetSuite’s certification proves that a consultant has undergone and passed rigorous tests besides investing time and money to earn that distinction. This shows that someone is a reliable NetSuite consultant and that he/she can be trusted with any job. Selecting a certified partner gives business owners an assurance that they have entrusted the NetSuite implementation process in the hands of a professional who will oversee it till the end.

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