Open New Possibilities with NetSuite

Experience the low cost and high ROI of NetSuite cloud computing and generate maximum professional service opportunities from a single sale.

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Increase efficiency, serve customers, open up new markets, and develop new products.

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Manage and control business processes and costs with a single, fully integrated system.

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Keep your business moving forward, drive transformation and enable innovation.

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Optimize your finance organization by switching from efficiency to effectiveness.

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NetSuite is Trusted by More Than 40,000 Organizations

With powerful solutions for all areas of your company, see how others are already using NetSuite to run their business better.

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NetSuite Was Built for a Wide Range of Industries

  • Wholesale, Distribution and manufacturing

    Wholesale Distribution

    We work with wholesale and distribution companies every day. NetSuite meets the needs of your industry well. In NetSuite you will find solutions for inventory and/or warehouse management, supply chain, a distributor portal, CRM, case management, returns, and much more. All of this is configurable to meet your specific needs.

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  • Direct Selling lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


    Whether you have your own e-commerce solution or looking to use NetSuite’s, we can support your business needs. These generally include subscription management, inventory and warehouse management, CRM, returns, 3PL integrations, and much more.

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  • Manufacturing

    We work with manufacturing companies—both heavy and light manufacturing—to support your production efforts, manage change, and gain efficiencies. NetSuite will support your Work Order management, warehouse management, full absorption costing efforts, and can easily automate transactional processes through application extensions.

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  • Direct Selling

    Squire has developed a Direct Selling ERP solution using NetSuite that meets the unique needs of your industry. Squire’s solution includes an interface with your front-end software, commissions system, 3PL or warehouse, and enables your international growth. Discover how we approach this for startups and mature companies.

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